War of the Dead (2011)

War of the Dead is an english language action/horror movie produced by Lithuanian Film Studios, The Little Film Company, Media One Entertainment and Rialto International.


Credit: Written, Co-produced & Directed by


"Extremely impressive debut by Finland's Marko Makilaakso"  

- Kelly Steward (Fangoria)


"An amazing achievement"

- Roel Reine (director of Marvel's Inhumans)


"Like a Rambo movie"

- Dennis Harvey (Variety)


"Like an episode of Band of brothers with zombies"

- Ain't it cool news


"Horror with a heavy doze of action, adrenaline and ballz"

- Fangoria


"A non-stop, living dead actioner!"

- Billy Chainsaw (Bizarre)



Deadly Descent (2012)

Deadly Descent (Abominable Snowman) premiered as a Syfy Original Movie in the US and was produced by Syfy with UFO International Productions.



Credit: Directed by


"Absolutely amazing landscapes and high speed snow action"

- The movie observer



Ella and Friends 2 (2013)

Ella and friends 2 is a Finnish family comedy produced by Snapper Films. The movie became istant hit at the theaters.




Credit:  Directed by






- Seiska






-Helsingin Uutiset



-Vihdin Uutiset






- Länsiväylä







- Sipoon Sanomat



- Vantaan Sanomat




It came from the Desert (2017)

It came from the desert is inspired by the legendary Cinemaware video game of the same name and this action/horror/comedy is released in 2018 worldwide.



Credit: Screenplay, Story & Directed by


"This is an amazing film made by Finnish director Marko Mäkilaakso"

- Mike Hood (Film Fan)


"Bill & Ted's extreme monster adventure!"

- Torsten Dewi (Wortvogel)


"It Came from the Desert could also be the best filmed on a video game ever made."

- David Gemini (Dread Central) 


"Independent films are often hit or miss affairs, but when they hit, they hit hard. It came from the Desert is a home run."

-Dave Dubrow (The Slaughtered bird)


"It's such an entertaining watch that it should be watched with a big an audience as possible for maximum fun."

- Kat Hughes (The Hollywood News)


"In style of They live, Eight legged freaks and Starship troopers. The best creature feature I've seen since Big Ass Spider"

-The Movie Void


Dread Central's David Gelmini's Best Horror Film of 2017: 

It Came From The Desert.



3rd place at the Night Visions International Film Festival's Audience Awards 2017 in Helsinki, Finland.


3rd place at the Monsters of Film Festival's Audience Awards 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Nightbeasts (2010)

Nightbeasts is a horror film written and directed by Wes Sullivan and stars Zach Galligan (Gremlins 1 & 2) Robert Miano (Donnie Brasco) Apesanahkwat (Walker, Texas Ranger)

and Sonny Skyhawk (Young guns II).


Credit: 2nd unit Director